Doing Business in Israel 2015 – Legal and Business Guide

“The Israeli business milieu is cosmopolitan, business professionals are highly qualified, the courts are well regarded and the workforce educated and skilled,” says Herzog Fox Neeman, one of many revelations underlined in Nishlis Legal Marketing’s first Doing Business in Israel guide.The colorful 94-page guide discusses the thriving Israeli market, highlighting the what you need to know about the compelling opportunities for investment and challenges to face.
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Some of the country’s leading experts in their fields share their opinions and insights on a range of issues in relation to M&A, High-Tech, Capital Markets, Venture Capital, Litigation and many others.
Thought leaders taking part in the 94-page bible included:Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co
Agmon & Co, Rosenberg, Hacohen & Co
Erdinast Ben Nathan & Co
Gornitzky & Co
Herzog Fox Neeman
Israel Venture Capital Research Center
Preis, Baharav & Co
PwC Israel
Reinhold Cohn & Partners and Gilat, Bareket & Co
Ron Gazit, Rotenberg & Co
S. Friedman & Co
Shibolet & Co
Tadmor & Co, Yuval Levy & Co
Yigal Arnon & Co
We would like to thank our partners in this project: UK-Israel Business, CICC, IVC and PwC Israel.



Idan Nishlis
Idan Nishlis

Idan Nishlis is the legal marketing pioneer in Israel. Being the only professional in the country to have studied services marketing, specializing in legal marketing, Idan has the most diversified and comprehensive work experience in the field, having worked in the US and Israel. Idan founded the first legal marketing department in Israel at Herzog Fox & Neeman which he managed for over 4 years, before launching Nishlis Legal Marketing. Idan's core strength lies in strategy and branding.

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