IsraelDesks Magazine – December 2019 Edition

With Israelis potentially headed to the polls and the UK facing a key election in December, this fourth edition of IsraelDesks takes a look at the UK and the complex field of arbitrations.

We explore the synergies, opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2020 and a potentially post-Brexit world. Learn what experts, including Yariv Becher, Head of Economic and Trade Mission to the UK Embassy of Israel in London, have to say about how Israeli companies can step in. Looking at commercial disputes and how to resolve them, we also speak to thought leaders, who share their insight regarding the changes in the popular field of arbitration. 

IsraelDesks is our bi-monthly magazine focused on bringing Israeli law firms and international law firms with Israel Desks closer together. Innovative and international in outlook, this magazine focuses on the cutting-edge sectors, looks at increasingly prominent jurisdictions, get to know prominent General Counsel, and introduces you to who you need to know to help your clients. 

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Idan Nishlis
Idan Nishlis

Idan Nishlis is the legal marketing pioneer in Israel. Being the only professional in the country to have studied services marketing, specializing in legal marketing, Idan has the most diversified and comprehensive work experience in the field, having worked in the US and Israel. Idan founded the first legal marketing department in Israel at Herzog Fox & Neeman which he managed for over 4 years, before launching Nishlis Legal Marketing. Idan's core strength lies in strategy and branding.

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