Our Hindsight Is Your Foresight! Covid-19 And Its Effect On Law Firms Webinar

Join IsraelDesks member Yigal Arnon, August 11th, 18:00 IST, for a truly global webinar on the effects of Covid-19 on law firms from Israel, China, US and UK. Some of the topics that will be discussed in the webinar and that are relevant and important to any lawyer, are:

  • How is Covid-19 effecting law firm operations?  
  • Sharing experinces of returning to the office post lockdown and lessons to be learned from this experience for current times or even for post-Covid era.
  • Covid-19 effects on interactions with clients and on client-attorney relationships
  • Are there existing or expected legal or regulatory changes on account of Covid e.g. labor law issues, on-line verification and authentication of documents, etc.

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Idan Nishlis
Idan Nishlis

Idan Nishlis is the legal marketing pioneer in Israel. Being the only professional in the country to have studied services marketing, specializing in legal marketing, Idan has the most diversified and comprehensive work experience in the field, having worked in the US and Israel. Idan founded the first legal marketing department in Israel at Herzog Fox & Neeman which he managed for over 4 years, before launching Nishlis Legal Marketing. Idan's core strength lies in strategy and branding.

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