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Business Development and Marketing Support

Israel is a hotbed for innovation. Over 80 international law firms with an Israel desk are competing for clients in a country the size of New Jersey. We know the market and we know how to make you succeed.

Our Services

Road Show Planning

Your time is valuable and we want you to make the most out of your delegation to Israel. Our prominent position in the legal market allows us to approach all the leading law firms and key players in the Israeli market. We can coordinate meetings with like-minded firms, strategic organizations and potential targets in order to assure your successful penetration of the Israeli market.

Merger Support

Moving into a new market is a risk, however partnering with the right counterpart can reduce that risk and actually turn out to be rewarding. Merger support is a delicate and strategic skill that we are more than familiar with. Let us introduce and liaise between you and your new partner in Israel.

PR and Media

In order to win business you will need brand recognition and awareness in the market. We work with several of Israel’s leading PR firms in order to provide our clients with a complete media package, including highly targeted social media support, that will generate awareness and assist in your client acquisition efforts.

Business Development

Israel is a small country with a strong and vibrant market. Being the only legal marketing firm to provide business development services to law firms, domestic and foreign, we will help you map potential clients and target them.

Email Marketing

Your firm produces quality content; why not use it in Israel to demonstrate thought leadership? We can take your content, translate it if necessary and distribute it through our channels to prospects. Moreover, we can maintain your Israeli related e-marketing and track leads for you, helping you convert them into clients.

Event Planning

A great event requires strategic partner/s, a quality list of highly targeted invitees and professional content. Such an event can generate leads and increase awareness. Our team will make your next event in Israel nothing less than great!

Marketing and Content Creation

Approaching clients for cross-selling and potential clients will be easier and more effective in Hebrew. Moreover, key messages might need to be tweaked to resonate with the local market culture. As part of our one-stop-shop approach, we can localize your marketing material, as well as prepare marketing material, from business cards to websites.