Israeli Firms Outbound


Taking Your Firm Abroad

Outbound Business Development

Our strategic legal marketing partners in key global markets will make your venture abroad an impactful one.

More and more Israeli firms are venturing abroad in order to attract potential clients seeking to conduct business in Israel. For most Israeli firms, outbound business development is sending a delegation abroad once a year and meeting with local firms. Others may attend a conference abroad and exchange business cards.

Nishlis Legal Marketing is working alongside the world’s leading PR and communication firms who cater to the legal market. Our colleagues will assist you in all of your marketing and business development needs outside of Israel.

If you want to do it right, partner with the experts. We will take your firm abroad in order to increase awareness and market share.

Road Show Planning

A delegation is successful if it brings back work. To make it meaningful, you need to invest time and resources before and after the preparations. We can help you partner with appropriate organizations to conduct a joint event, we can help identify targets and find ways to reach them and we can assist with setting up meetings with like-minded firms..

PR and Media

One needs to know the media abroad to make it an effective tool for business development. Our colleagues in foreign markets know them like no one else. They can find opportunities to position you as a thought leader, either in the print or online media. Furthermore, we extensively use social media to engage and reach out to prospects.

Business Development

The world is a big place and there are many opportunities for Israeli law firms to improve their outbound activity. By using business development we can target potential clients, build your messaging and find ways to deliver the key messages. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure you meet your target client face-to-face.

Event Planning

An event is as beneficial as the work gained from it or relationships created. A successful event has several key components which include: content, partnering with the right firm, quality attendees and an ability to demonstrate thought leadership. Our team, in Israel and abroad, will assist you along the way, from planning to implementation, and make your next event outside of Israel a success.