Law Firm Branding Webinar – Recording

Thank you to the 80+ viewers who had joined us in this years Annual  Legal Marketing Event, to raise a toast for the Israeli legal marketers and to listen to the insightful Ross Fishman discuss the Do's and Don'ts of law firm branding. Our annul legal marketing event is our moment to thank our colleagues [...]

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Branding: Today’s most powerful legal marketing weapon – Webinar

Branding is one of the hottest topics in legal marketing today―that is, building your reputation in a way that positions your firm above your competitors. This is an especially effective strategy during COVID, when legal services buyers are looking online to evaluate the quality of the firms they are considering hiring. We are thrilled to [...]

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Nishlis Legal Marketing’s Annual Legal Marketing Event 2021 – Save the Date

Join us as we officially kickoff 2021 with our annual legal marketing event, January 13th, 5pm IST, with legal marketing guru Ross Fishman. Ross has won all the industry awards that exist, including receiving LMA’s first “Lifetime Achievement” award, and was the first marketer inducted into the LMA’s “Hall of Fame.” He is the industry [...]

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Effective Marketing in the Shadow of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”)

With the spread of the Coronavirus, the current global crisis probably won’t be going away in the near future, with new and increasingly restrictive guidelines coming out every day. Like any professional field, we must prepare accordingly and identify how to adapt to this new reality and do our best to make the most of [...]

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10 Things to Do After Legal Rankings are Published

As you begin to implement your marketing plan for 2019, we look at key lessons that will help you after the global ranking guides are published and before the next cycle begins: Department Profilesand Lawyer Biographies – Keep Website Fresh To keep your website and marketing material fresh, update the department profiles based on the ‘Shop Window’ section [...]

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A Decade of Legal Marketing in Israel

Idan Nishlis, Founder and CEO of Nishlis Legal Marketing, is attending the international Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference in New Orleans, celebrating the 10th anniversary of legal marketing in Israel, and sharing a number of insights into the legal marketing field in Israel and its implementation for law firms. Israeli law firms, for the most [...]

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Asia-Pacific investors continue to swoop on vibrant Israel

  A striking trend over the last few years has been the interest of Chinese and other Asian investors in Israel. It may be 23 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Israel but the relationship is now well and truly in full swing. The two countries have managed to overcome obstacles [...]

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International Law Firms with an Israel Desk – Who are they?

With Israel seen as a vibrant business destination, more and more international law firms view the country as a gateway to lucrative opportunities. An estimated 75 law firms are active in relation to Israel, whether they have an Israel practice or presence in the country. Whether you are on the ground here or not, our new Israel [...]

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Introducing the Israeli Law Firm Branding Index

Overview International ranking guides offer a unique and rare glance at how Israeli law firms are perceived and positioned. Based on the 2014 rankings for Israeli law firms one can comprehend the impression created, whether the marketing messages are effective and how a law firm is viewed from the perspective of an international law firm. [...]

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