There are over 660 million LinkedIn users around the world. LinkedIn has become one of the premier ways to network, update clientele, and to develop professionally.

As LinkedIn continues to grow, it is important for lawyers to use all of the site’s resources to advance as an individual and as a firm.

Here are some tips for lawyers to fully utilize the LinkedIn platform.

Grow your network

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is the aspect of connections. Lawyers should use the connections and followers features to connect with people they know and people they want to learn from in the future. This is also a great step to network with other lawyers and clients. Be careful with this feature and only connect with people who seem reliable and credible. There are many internet spammers on LinkedIn pretending to be official, so use your best judgement.

Fill out every component of your profile

When making a profile, it is important to fill out each aspect of the biography section. This includes adding previous work experience, education, and values that are important to you. This allows people to see similarities and create stronger connections.

Have the perfect profile picture

When people try to connect or look at your profile, the first thing they notice is your profile picture. It is important this picture looks professional and looks like you. LinkedIn is not the platform for heavy filters or editing on pictures, just make sure someone could recognize you from this one picture.

Utilize the recommendations feature

In order to establish your credibility in the industry and for potential clients, use the references feature. This allows former employers or co-workers to explain your strengths or your skillset. Having another source confirm your contributions and skills will be a great asset for your profile and will be very reassuring for those who look at your profile.

Keep your profile updated

It is crucial to update your network when you accept a new position, learn a new skill, or attend a very influential event. These updates let your connections know your credibility and clients will be more inclined to use your services.

Join Groups

Groups are a great way for lawyers to get advice or to meet individuals with similar interests. There are groups for alumni from various schools, groups of all practices of law, and groups from all over the world. Groups are also a great way to begin advertising some of your services.

Be active on the site

When using LinkedIn, be active with your connections. Engage in conversation over chat or like and comment on their posts. This indicates that you genuinely care about the connections and want to know more.