International Law Firms with an Israel Desk – Who are they?

With Israel seen as a vibrant business destination, more and more international law firms view the country as a gateway to lucrative opportunities. An estimated 75 law firms are active in relation to Israel, whether they have an Israel practice or presence in the country. Whether you are on the ground here or not, our new Israel [...]

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Introducing the Israeli Law Firm Branding Index

Overview International ranking guides offer a unique and rare glance at how Israeli law firms are perceived and positioned. Based on the 2014 rankings for Israeli law firms one can comprehend the impression created, whether the marketing messages are effective and how a law firm is viewed from the perspective of an international law firm. [...]

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Your chance to get recognition for your firm’s Israel Desk

Chambers Global – Israel – Foreign Experts  As many of you know, Chambers Global recently started including rankings of foreign experts and experts based abroad in its Israel guide.  This is a great opportunity for the partners of the Israel Desk to get exposure among Israeli law firms. Chambers Global currently includes a full rankings [...]

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Law Firm Rankings Submissions – Best Practice Webinar

We are better than our directory rankings - what do we need to do? Join a constructive and practical 30-minute seminar to help you focus your partners on legal directory submissions and increase your chances of getting the results they want and demand. This will be followed by a Q&A. In this seminar, Lee Saunders, previously a [...]

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The Good Wife with the complicated life

It might be winter outside but who needs to go out when The Good Wife is back on TV! The current series focuses on Carrie Agos, managing partner of Florrick, Agos & Lockhart, being accused of conspiracy. The story shows how this crisis affects the lives of his co-managing partners Alicia Florrick and Diane Lockhart, [...]

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